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The Foundation Stone Pix
History repeats itself

A tribute to our former friend and Brother, W. Bro. Neil Gaunt.

The late W.Bro. Gaunt received the rank of Past Grand Sword Bearer from MW Bro. James G. Maley O.A. G.M. at the Darling Range Lodge Installation 14/10/2006.
A retired builder, he came out of retirement to design and build our new facility at a time (2005/06) when the building industry was fully extended and tradesmen were hard to find.

W.Bro. Gaunt's good name in the industry and his experience enabled him to finish the job ahead of schedule and under budget.
Generously, he provided his services free of charge, saving the lodge tens of thousands of dollars.
The standard of his craftsmanship is there for all to see

L to R - Wor Bro. Gaunt P.G.S.B., Bro. Ted Smailes G.M.O.and Bar. and then G.M. G.Maley O.A.M.