An unusual sight on the streets of Kalamunda as the procession forms up.

Looking hot and thirsty, Lodge Wardens parade the
foundation stone through the streets.

WM Cliff Fernie addressing the MWGM

L-R - Deputy GM Wayne Hibble "proves" the stone, watched by G.Ch. Fred Buchannan and MWGM James Maley OAM.

Solid Foundations

The original foundation stone of The Darling Range Lodge W.A.C. 112 was laid in the N.E. part of the Lodge in 1955 following a public procession through the streets of Kalamunda, an event quite unusual for those days.

As a result of major renovations to the Temple and the South, a new foundation stone was installed inside the Lodge in the N.E. part of the Lodge room in 2005.

To celebrate the opening of the new construction, the Most Worshipful Master, J.G. Maley OAM approved another public procession and provided a G.L. ceremonial team to officiate.

It was a hot, hot day, the Darling Range Lodge members were in dinner suits and the G.L. representatives in tails, so the procession and ceremony was held in the morning, followed by a BBQ lunch.

The procession started at the old stone Methodist Church on the corner of Mead St and Railway Rd, this was the building where the original Lodge meetings were held, prior to the building of the Central Rd Temple.

The procession was led by the Grand Sword Bearer, the MWGM under the Deacons' wands, the Grand Standard Bearer and the Deputy GM, then wardens from the Darling Range lodge bearing the Foundation Stone, finally lodge Members and Visitors.

With a police escort and traffic control from the Shire Council, onlookers lining the streets must have been impressed by the sight of so many just and upright men carrying out their Masonic business.

Family, friends and the public were invited into the Lodge room the witness the GL ceremonial team dedicate the foundation stone for the new building, the MWGM then addressed the gathering before everybody moved to a large marquee for a BBQ lunch and refreshments.


A cake baked for the occasion made in the shape and form of a foundation stone.