Picture Gallery 2011/2012

Our September meeting saw a group photo of attending members and the outgoing team.

Sadly, a lot of members were unable to attend due to personal reasons.


Installation Night.

From left to right:-
Representative of the R.W.D.G.M. of the Scottish Lodges in WA
The M.W.G.M.
W.M. - W. Bro. Dr Bill Babe
I.P.M. W.Bro Steve Farquar
District G.I.W.

Newly appointed Senior Warden Gordon Babe, (son of the W.M.), Proposes the toast to the M.W.G.M.

If Bro Bodie's hair looks a little purple it is because it is!

The M.W.G.M. addresses the brethren in the South, keeping them informed of the bright new future ahead for Lodges of the WA Constitution as they enjoy a magnificent repast.

Thanks to the brethren of the Kalamunda Lodge for providing stewards for the occsion.